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Design Idea (before hire)

This is the process where we shall have a face to face discussion with client on their needs and requirements before we further propose on the whole design idea. To some client who has no idea, we shall propose the inspirational idea based on the floor layout and client’s interest. We enhance the ideas along the way to ensure client’s satisfaction.


Design Stages (when hired)

This will involve on-going client meetings, doing research, raw material and product sourcing, preparation of design boards and collation of costs and quotes from our long term contractors. Once the design is approved we will oversee the overall ordering, delivery of goods and the construction works. This is to ensure every jobs deliver are flawless and in a top notch quality.


The additional services covered by KITCHEN BUILDERS:-

Carpentry works, tiling works, partition & suspended false ceiling, aluminum window, wrought iron, electrical, plumbing, painting works


KITCHEN BUILDERS offers you a one stop solution to your house and commercial design needs.